Buddy Greco

Buddy Greco has sadly passed away. He was the last artist to play live on stage at Angels 2013 – aged 87

Buddy Greco was more than a friend – he was part of my life. I first met him in 1976 at my club The Millionaire in Manchester.

He was also a good friend of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. A true mega Star.

Below is a selection of images of Buddy at my clubs over the years: Buddy playing at Angels; with me, his wife Lezlie and Bella; Paul Young and Dave Berry; David Hayes.





Donald Trump, Peter and Gene Hackman


Yes – I have met Donald Trump – back in the 80s, Gene Hackman threw a party at my club in New York, and Donald was a guest.

So what do I think about Trump? It is possible he could turn out to the be one the best presidents that America has ever seen… or one of the worst! As they say time will tell.

PM Theresa May and Peter


Watching Theresa May give her speech at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham… she’s brilliant and what she’s saying is brilliant. As the saying goes – “Cometh the hour cometh the woman”.

She ends on “Together lets seize the day” – inspired.

Her speech is inspiring in the way Margaret Thatcher’s speeches were inspiring – which reminds me – Margaret Thatcher came to Stringfellows and I have no doubt Theresa May will visit too!

Jason Kenny wins his fourth gold medal at Rio!


Over the years we have had many Olympians visit Stringfellows including Ben Ainslie (sailing), Carl Lewis (Track and field) and of course Jason Kenny who came in to see us and showed off his gold medals!

We are hoping that he will be returning to us soon with the new Gold medal he won with his cycling team yesterday at the Rio Olympics. Well done Kenny and Team GB!

Charlie Sheen – a true Hollywood star – parties in Stringfellows


We have been friends for over 25 years. Charlie first came to Stringfellows back in the late 80’s and when I opened my LA club in Beverley Hills in 1990 he used to come in every week and always brought big stars with him.

One night he brought Clint Eastwood and introduced him to me.

I will never forget the moment at the end of the night when he was on his way out of the club, and I jumped up on stage and said “Good night Mr Clintwood” – he found it amusing but I was mortified. Charlie thought it was hilarious!

In, out… Decision time…


Everyone keeps asking me who am I declaring for in the EU Referendum. In or out?

A month or so back I was definitely IN, but now i am not so sure.

David Cameron, as much as I admire the man, is not convincing. He comes over a little too desperate.

And Boris, as much as I like him too, screwed with the Black Cabs taxi trade.

Nigel Farage is too quick to have “a drink and a fag”…

George Osborne is not acting like a Conservative Chancellor. He messed up with the new Stamp Duty.

Iain Duncan Smith – a terrible leader of the Conservatives when in opposition – made a brilliant Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and a very honest man.

Liam Fox, former Secretary of State for Defence, he’s out and out Brexit…

And the man I admire greatly and the nearest you can get to Margaret Thatcher, Lord Norman Tebbit is also pro Brexit.

So where does that leave me? This is what I am thinking… My head says IN, My heart says OUT. By next Tuesday I will have made up my mind.

What I would like to know is what does Wall Street think of this, because a lot of those guys are members and fans of Stringfellows UK.

Sir Rod Stewart in Stringfellows!


Here’s another reason why Stringfellows is truly world famous!

Four megastars celebrating Rod Stewart’s birthday in Stringfellows back in 1986.

We have Sir Cliff and now we have Sir Rod – how long before we have Sir Paul, Sir Ronnie and Sir George?!

And in case you are reading this Your Majesty, don’t forget me – Lord Stringfellow of Covent Garden!!

Muhammad Ali teaches Peter a lesson!


Here at Stringfellows, we’re no different to the rest of the world, truly shocked that Mohammed Ali is no longer with us but left with memories of a truly great man.

I met him twice, once in Stringfellows London, and once in Stringfellows LA for a book release press launch.

And I do have one fun story which I told Ali when I met him.

I told him that the first time he fought Sonny Liston, back in ’64, I’d bet fifty pounds on Sonny Liston winning, and of course Liston famously lost, losing me my bet! And £50 was a lot of money back in ’64!

In typical Ali style, he smiled, and he said “I hope that taught you lesson!”

Now there’s not many people who could say that Mohammed Ali taught them a personal lesson but I am one of them!

Truly he was the greatest.